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Collectibles or memorabilia are the things that you want to collect as they are associated with an organization or a person in which you are interested. They are bought with purpose and inspire sentiments. They may be artifacts related to some event or time period. The concert posters, sports cards, event based apparels, entertainment and sports celebrity related artifacts, etc. are the examples.  Some people buy memorabilia for investment purpose as these artifacts are desired by others.

Memorabilia Market

Memorabilia market has grown considerably and the items available for this have increased immensely during last two decades. Seeing the growing demand in the market, Auction List organizes collectibles and memorabilia auctions in Alaska. The memorabilia across various categories would be auctioned in this auction. The interested participants can register themselves online on our website and bid for the displayed artifacts.

The different memorabilia artifacts from potential sellers are placed on our website with their image and minimum bidding price. Browsing those give information about the underline artifacts, their condition, terms of payment and shipping. The sellers and collectors can navigate on our site to find the suitable collectibles. The price of the artifact depends on demand for that particular artifact and its condition and rarity.

Why should you choose us?

Auction List Memorabilia auction is a platform where rare valuable artifacts from reputable persons are selectively collected from across the US and globe. They are tested for their authenticity before placing them on site. To be particular about location and different items, different categories have been created to facilitate your search. You are also intimated as and when new memorabilia are added on our site that is of your interest. As memorabilia market is a bit unorganized and informal market, AuctionList tries to make it more organized and formal through its standard and fair procedure of auctioning to bring more credibility and reliability among the interested participants.

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