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Bring a smile on face of the needy with your bid!

Commonly, the benefits and charity auctions are organized to raise funds for some causes in exchange of a particular item, and they are used by nonprofit organizations, schools, and churches. At AuctionList, this kind of auctions has motive beyond fundraising. It aims at strengthening the bond between donors and nonprofit organizations at benefits and charity auctions. Recognizing the needs of both the parties, AuctionList hosts charity benefit auctions in Alaska, bringing donors and nonprofit organizations together to serve a higher purpose of humanity. The online benefit and charity auctions are cost-effective, flexible, and allow seamless data collection for participants.

At every benefits and charity auction of AuctionList, the donors are made to feel that they have donated for a worthy cause. They are given the opportunity to know how their donated funds are being utilized by particular nonprofit communities for the particular cause through these benefits and charity auctions.

How does it work?

Benefits & Charity Auctions at AuctionList offers digital silent auctions. Photos of items are featured on this site for bidders to browse. The details regarding fundraisers and their cause are also specified. The bidders register themselves by submitting their names and credit card information. After that, they bid the price for items browsed. At the end of the scheduled time of the auction, the highest bidder is intimated to pay for the item if the price is above reserve price.

What is on offer?

Before putting items on browser for auction, a thorough understanding of items appealing to participants of an auction is developed by the team of AuctionList. The items which fit into interest and budget of participants are selected. The items belong to a wide array of travel, sports, arts, culture, food, etc. This auction is promoted through a site with pertinent information about fundraisers, their cause, tickets and sponsorships, description of items, the minimum raise amount for each. Online donations are also enabled on site of AuctionList.

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