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People buy dolls due to nostalgic or personal reasons as they feel connected to the dolls and that cherished time period. Therefore, Auction List offers specialized auction services in sale of antique and vintage dolls, toys and related items. The overall doll market has its ups and downs but to cater to the needs of buyers and sellers, the doll auctions are organized for various categories like premier, mid-century, artistic dolls and Barbie to provide better experience to participants.

Doll Valuation-a critical part
Finding value of dolls in the collection is a complicated task. Only price tag on it won’t do enough, the material, year and style of doll and any marks are also required to be known. The old porcelain dolls are considered more valuable in comparison to other dolls. Online price guides, doll collecting books and the latest auctions help in discovery of price for the doll.

Offer by Auction List
Auction List provides an online platform to the seller of dolls to showcase them with their accurate description of attributes. The proper image of doll would help in this. The valuation experts at Auction List support in arriving at minimum price for the dolls after identification of dolls with catalogues available with them. The doll is placed for auction with reserve price. Dolls listing on Auction List has also been categorized by country, material, types of doll for seamless auction process.

Buyers bid the best price seeing description of dolls placed on website and after gaining details about the dolls from latest auction prices of dolls. The highest bidder is obligated to buy the doll at the end of auction.

The potential buyers are also informed about the latest doll collection placed on site for sale through email and messages.

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