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The history of wars attracts many besides historians. The items belonging to popular wars bring returns also. Some people collect militaria items for pure enjoyment while some others collect them for investment purpose. Therefore, there always exists a market for them.

What is special about Militaria Auctions of Auction List?

At Auction List, items like ensigns and battle flags to extraordinary pennants, ship projectiles, popular war documents, other civil war missives important to US military history and culture and other popular wars are included in militaria auctions. The components like international exposure, expert knowledge and condition of the current market are rightly matched and blended by specialists at Auction List in this auction. The specialists rightly appraise the collection of military and naval items with their skills and place the authentic objects for auction. The medal valuation is a significant and integral part of the appraisal.

What is in store for sellers and buyers?

The sellers are charged competitive fees for only transport and insurance of items. The Auction List markets their items through their website, exhibitions, events and catalogues to the potential bidders. They are also given estimates services for their objects by Auction List team. The bidders are given the opportunity to visit the militaria galleries before an auction so that they can better relate themselves with the items to be auctioned. The right catalogues are created for the plenty of items available with their images, description and estimates. The condition report can also be requested by bidders.

The process

The auctioneers and bidders need to register themselves at Auction List site with the description, image, terms and reserve price. The bidders browse the solicited items with keywords and search the items of their interest in online militaria auction at Alaska. As and when they find objects of their interest, they bid for the respective objects. They are intimated about the opening and closing of auctions as well as objects being auctioned. At the end of auction’s scheduled time, the potential buyer with the highest bid is obligated to buy the object. At Auction List fair and transparent auction process is followed.

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