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Why Auction List?

Generally, jewelry and watches are prized possessions for people who collect and maintain them with care and love over the years. Sometimes, these are memorabilia of their legacy. However, in many unfortunate situations, they are forced to sell them at below fair value. Here, come the services of Auction List to help them at every stage to fetch a fair price for their valuable possessions. We use our knowledge of antique jewelry and watches and do sufficient research for our valued customers’ unique pieces to arrive at the right valuation. The vulnerable auctioneers are enabled to fetch high prices for their pieces with no risk.

Professionalism and Personal Attention

The friendly, informative and savvy approach at Auction List makes people comfortable in any stressful situation. It is committed to providing the best experience to participants by availing a deeper and wider selection of lots of jewelry and watches with the right balance of professionalism and personal attention. The Alaska jewelry and watches auction by it promises the same to the people of Alaska. The auctioneers and bidders need to register themselves online or in-person with Auction List. Then, the team and experts at Auction List guide about the next steps to be followed for the respective auctioneers and bidders. The process is made smoother rather than arduous with consistent information on target and reserve price.

The jewelry and watches are placed with image, reserve price and associated terms online, and bidders bid the prices for them. The reserve price is arrived at by authentic valuation services of Auction List. The highest bidder is declared a winner and takes the respective jewelry or watch. Auction List provides this platform of auction across various cities and categories in the US. The participants are informed about the auctions to be held and new items placed on the website for sale from time to time.

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