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For the time immemorial, the antique auctions have been in vogue due to one or the other reasons. Antiques are the old articles which are perceived to be of high value due to their aesthetic or historical significance. Bidders desire them because of their unique features in the form of age, beauty, rarity, the emotional connection, utility, or condition. These unique features get highlighted and presented effectively to fetch a fair price at antique auctions organized by Auction List in Alaska.

This online platform brings the auctioneers and bidders together. The bidders are provided particulars of the antique items being auctioned with the images in good faith with transparency before the actual auction begins. Auction List follows a transparent and fair process for carrying out this auction.

How it works?

A seller or buyer of the item requires to be registered for online auction on Auction List site with their details. The details of the auctioned item are listed online with images. Then, buyers bid for an auctioned item from their registered IDs. A database of bidders and their offered price is prepared till the scheduled close time of the bidding for each auction by Auction List.

At the end of the auction, anyone who bids the highest price for the item above its reserve price is obligated to buy it. If no one bids at or above the reserve price, the auction closes without completion. The buyer and seller are informed about the outcome of the auction. Then, the buyer and seller discuss and finalize the terms of payment and delivery of goods bilaterally. They inform about the closing of the deal to Auction List and Auction List removes the auctioned item from browser.

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