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1What is Auction List?

It is the leading auction directory of the US which lists auctions from various categories. You can find online, live auctions or both as well.

2What Is An Online Auction?

It is an internet-based auction where the auctioned items are displayed by images. Bidders put their bids online, and the winner gets the item.

3How can I buy and sell items on the Online Auction Site?

To buy any item, you will have to place bids in the auction, and if you win, you get the item. To sell, you have to run an auction and wait until the highest bid comes in. The winner gets the item.

4How do I log in to an Online Auction?

You’ll have to register for the online auction first as a bidder or auctioneer. After registration you can login easily.

5 How does online auction bidding work?

It’s simple; you have to put a price higher than the previous bidder. And the bidding continues until the highest price is obtained, after which, the item goes to the highest bidder.

6 Can I view a live auction without placing bids?

Yes, you can view the live auction without placing bids. In this case, you will not be a bidder but an audience visiting the auction.

7 Do I have to create an account to use your site?

Auction List is an auction directory where the bidders come to see the listings. But auctioneers will have to register first before they can post their auction listings.

8What types of auctions do you offer? What are the different types of bidding?

You can find live, online auctions or both of them. You can bid on them online, or by attending them personally, or remotely as well.

9How does shipping work?

You will have to refer to the terms and conditions mentioned in the online auction site. It may also contain the details of charges if any.

10 Who do I contact for questions about an auction’s terms and conditions?

The online auctioning site is responsible for terms and conditions related to payment, shipping etc. You need to contact their helpdesk for clarifications.

11Who should I contact if I experience a technical issue while bidding?

Handling technicalities of bidding is the responsibility of the online auction site running the auction. You need to contact their technical helpdesk for help.