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A diverse range of unique collectible stamps and coins, each referencing a particular person, place and historically relevant era, attracts enthusiasts of stamp and coin collection. They also provide Alternative Avenue for investment as they often fetch good price given that they are rare, authentic, bought at below fair value, belong to a category with many collectors, in proper condition. The community of these enthusiasts was increasing and reached to 5 million people in the US. These philatelists know that old stamps and coins are of considerable value.

Auction List is a platform where dealers, sellers, and buyers of the old stamps and coins register themselves with details of their stamps and coins collection and connect with one another to participate in auctions. Experts are also taken on board for fair price determination, and the fair standard auction procedure is followed and the participants get the great deal for their coin and stamp collection. To serve their interest best, Auction List has come up with Coins and stamps auctions in Alaska.

The role of valuation experts and price guides

The experts and price guides help in determining the value of stamps and coins in terms of context, place, and its issue timing. For this, experts track timing and place of issue of the particular coin and stamp. They take into account the inscription, letters, numbers, words, and watermarks appearing these collectibles. Then, they refer to a specialized catalog of US Stamps which display a photograph of stamps or coins and its price according to date. Price guides with philatelists are also of great help to track prices of stamps and coins.

What is on offer?

This coins and stamp auction in Alaska by Auction List offers not only the opportunity of bringing the stamp collector and seller together but also offers services of valuation experts and price guides. The experts also help in grading the stamps according to its faded colors, missing perforations, paper flacks, and other imperfections.

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