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The firearms and weapons cover rifles, pistols, knives, swords, revolvers, shotguns, blades, pellet, blades, bb guns and other weapons. There are also major gun, knife and ammunition makers whose items are kept on auctions. The gun cases, gun safes, empty shotgun shells, scopes, bullets and other things are also included in this category. But specifically in case of Firearms and Weaponry auctions certain purchases are mandatory to be made through a federally licensed dealer and/or other laws of land like minimum age and the kind of weapon that can be used are also applicable.

Auction List aims at providing best gun collection at record prices. It offers routine as well as premier auctions in this firearms and weaponry. The routine auction includes main genres of guns across different time periods from antique to modern Winchesters, Walther, US military, Colts, collector shotguns, etc. , weapons like bayonets, military artifacts, swords and other related materials. The premier auctions are organized for exchange of historic important guns and important firearms.

The Specialty of Auction List and FFL selection

It is the specialty of Auction List to prepare an entire auction catalogue online which is searchable by model, serial number, manufacturer, lot number, keyword and more. Auction List also promotes and responsible gun ownership.

For bidding and auctioneering on Auction List, the registration is the first step to be followed. Browsing, selecting and bidding are the next steps for a bidder. While the auctioneer needs to get listed his firearms and weaponry with specification, image and shipping and payment terms and reserve price. Then, the standard procedure is followed for auctioning. Here, the transfer of weapons must take place through Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer assigned in the respective area. The zip code helps in searching and selecting the FFL dealers in your area. Your saved searches on this website will also facilitate the communication of new armories put on site.

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