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Want to fling yourself into paper ephemera auctions? Well, you are at the right place. People have been buying and selling goods since ancient times, and they have advertised their products for sale just as long. But advertising changed dramatically with the invention of the printing press around 1440.

Collectors of ephemera, the items that are only meant to be used for a short time, often bid on paper ephemera like letters, tickets, labels, greeting cards, and stereopticon cards. Letters, cards, airline tickets, stock certificates, and specialized vintage paper items like ancient scrolls can also be classified as ephemera in the collecting world. The online ephemera auctions at Auction List brings items to auction that have stood the test of time, like the World War 1 advertising posters that were scrapped soon after use, but some survived.

Just like most collectibles, the value of any piece of ephemera lies in its uniqueness and condition. Auction List has managed many significant collections of ephemera, including a large collection of items related to John F. Kennedy and Duke Ellington. So if you are interested in paper ephemera auctions, Auction List will help you find a treasure trove of lifetime memories.

Ephemera auctions at Auction List include antique posters, playbills, advertisements, brochures, and many other collectible printed materials.

What’s the Significance of Ephemera?

In the collecting world of ephemera auctions, ephemera refer to those items that were only meant to be used for a short period of time. Ephemera collectors essentially collect paper ephemera, like letters, tickets, labels and greeting cards. However, the value of ephemera items spikes up if they include an autograph or signature from a famous person. Many ephemera collections have been donated to different libraries all across the world and can be viewed by seeking appointment in the library archives. The highest price ever paid for a letter at ephemera auctions was $6 million in 2013 because the letter was written by Francis Crick, one of the co-discoverers of DNA’s nature, to his son explaining the secret of life.

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At Auctions List, you can participate in online ephemera auctions in real-time, from the comfort of your own place. All ephemera auctions come with online bidding facilities, creating every possibility to get the best possible price. So why not jazz up your ephemera collection at the Auctions List?

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