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Vintage Sports Memorabilia for Sale at Auctions in Nebraska – Auction List

Right from vinyl to sports card, concert posters to game-used apparel, our antique memorabilia online auctions in Nebraska have everything that you always have dreamt to own in your collection. We are the one-stop resource that assists sports memorabilia collectors in connecting with genuine buyers.

People get connected with sports memorabilia for many reasons. Some of the collectors look for investment, while others desire to connect with specific subjects or ancient times. Additionally, collecting sports memorabilia helps in growing social connections.

What’s inside?

At Auction List, we have different types of items in our memorabilia category, including basketball apparel, basketball cards, boxing, band memorabilia, star wars, tennis, sports apparel, sports cards, football cards, football sports apparel, ice hockey, horse racing, golf apparel, racing, soccer, and the list goes on.

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