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Police impound the vehicles for payment-defaults or which are not required as evidence in a case. Such a vehicle occupies space and police auctions these vehicles to recover money and space. At Auction List, you can find numerous auctions offering these vehicles.

How to Identify the Right One?

You may have the following concerns:

  • What is the condition?
  • Does it have any issues?

In any auction, you can find images and the description to give you information about the condition. Visit auction during the preview to see it for real and if you have questions, ask from the seller.

Bidding Needs Planning

Is the price high? You need to have a budget first to place the bid in Mississippi state police auctions. Once you have put it, the prices may rise due to competing bids. Raise your bid only if you are sure about it and is within your budgetary limits. Speak to our experts for help!

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