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Are you looking for low cost recreation equipment? At Auction List, you can find hundreds of auctions where you can instantly find desired equipment. Instantly bid on the desired equipment and save lot of money.

Selecting the Right Sports Equipment

Many factors have to be considered when you are selecting sporting equipment from Kansas sports & recreation auctions online:

  • Look at the images to find out the condition of the equipment.
  • Read the description to know more about it before bidding.

If there is a preview available, visit and see the equipment for real. Have questions, ask from the seller.

Place Bids within Your Budget

Before bidding in online sports bidding auctions at Kansas, consider your budget before placing the bid. If you need to revise it, ensure that the higher bid is within budget too. Be clear about the payment terms and shipping costs as well. Speak to or experts for help!

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Auction Factory LLC  /   04/03/2020 @ 08:00 PM
Ready to get your gym started? This auction will get your crossfit action going! It features a Battle Fit Equipment Package for up to 12 users. The package includes: 1 33' Battle Rope, 2 2kg GRIPRs, 2 4kg GRIPRs, 2 6kg GRIPRs, 2 8kg GRIPRs, 2 10kg GRIPRs, 2 12kg GRIPRs, 2 1k Core Momentum Trainers, 2 2kg Core Momentum Trainers, 4 3kg Training bars, 2 10kg Escape Sandbags, 2 15kg Escape Sandbags, 2 20kg Escape Sandbags, 20x30x24 3-in-1 plyo box, 40kg Escape Fitness TIYR®, and a 60kg...
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