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With fundraising season around the corner, the non-profits around the country plan for a charity auction, with ambitious revenue goals. Many things go behind a successful auction. You need a benefit auctioneer, create bid sheets, calling the volunteers and setting up of venue unless it is an online auction. But the success of benefits & charity auctions California depends on the quality and caliber of auction items.

Start Early

The preparations for a California charity auction begin 6 to 9 months ahead of schedule. The more time you have allotted for the procurement, the more diverse opportunities you can seize.

What do Donors want?

For best results out of the procurement efforts, you need to have the right auction items to the specific audience. People prefer the things that spark their interest. It is equally crucial to keep the giving capacities of the attendees as it ensures bidding.

Promote the Event

Numerous charity benefit auctions in California have failed due to lack of promotion. It is crucial to build the audience for the event to meet the fundraising targets. If you can get the sponsorships to make the event successful, it’s even better. You can even offer tiered sponsorship levels and benefits, so the donors have the option to choose from.

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