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Self-storage units help to store extra items which you don’t need immediately. These showcase the storage units where the renters fall behind their payments or leave the items. These are then auctioned off in the online storage unit auctions Arkansas. With Auction List, you can find great deals for storage units. Key things to look at:


Each listing comes with the photos of the storage unit. It depends on the content of the unit as well. The images should be clear so that you can get a fair idea about the unit from them.


An auction comes with a time limit and will last for a certain amount of time. The limit varies, and you must look at the details of the auction in online storage auctions Arkansas.


Every unit comes with the description which may be included with the listing. The auction will do its best to communicate an accurate representation of available units.

Once your bid becomes successful at storage unit auctions in Arkansas, you will have to take the delivery of the item in the time mentioned in the site. Key things that you need to keep an eye are cleaning deposit, size of the unit and the current bid amount.

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Auction Factory LLC  /   04/07/2020 @ 08:00 PM
When you buy out a storage unit, you gotta take the good with the bad. So, AuctionFactory of Arkansas offers here, some nice stainless steel restaurant equipment, along with some less desirable (but useful) personal items. Check them all out. There's surely something you can use! Coldtech CRF466-2 2 door stainless steel freezer, Strapping material, New ice cream dishers, Ice O Matic EF450A38S crushed ice machine, NIB Blackstone 1138 stainless steel electric fry pans, some large stainless...
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