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Are you tired of renting an apartment or land? Do you have bad credit that your bank is refusing to give you a mortgage loan? At Auction List, we have your thoughts and dreams at heart. We have only one goal; that is to build a staircase for you to live those dreams today. Based on the Northern part of the USA, we host an array of auctions selling houses, land, and miscellaneous goods. You will find the perfect house of your dreams when you visit some of our Alabama foreclosure auctions. You can also visit our online auction platform to find your ideal home, land, miscellaneous, and anything from in-between.

What you get?

You stand to grab house, land, and miscellaneous items at very low prices. Because they will not have been refurbishments to make them appealing for the market. This is much cheaper because you will make some changes to and in the house to suit your personal tastes. At Auction List, we gather our inventory from various places. You can search from different states like Alabama, Arizona, and Alaska online miscellaneous auctions. Place your bids on anything of interest from anywhere you are without the hustle and bustle at the auction floors. We also host mobile home auctions in Alabama to give you the ultimate shopping experience. You do not need to wait for delivery when you are close to your house.

Save up

The property you buy will not have changed hands in the name of selling to the highest bidder. Buying through real estate agents allows you to cut the middle man and keep extra cash to renovate the property or items you buy from miscellaneous public auctions. All mobile home, land, and miscellaneous auctions in Alabama are being sold openly, and buyers decide whether they really have to stretch bid to get whatever they want to buy.

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