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HMI Lighting Auction

Auction on 09/26/2021 @ 8:00 PM EST
Auction Type: online


We have 15 of these HMI 12/18 Fresnel Fixture Lights. In the tradition of Cinemills Quality, the 12/18 HMI Silver Bullet Fresnel is manufactured with a level of Excellence Lighting Professionals have come to rely on from CINEMILLS. The Cinemills 12/18k HMI Fresnel is the workhorse of the industry. The fixture has an excellent reputation for quality and dependability. CMC, is the flagship of a quality line of equipment from the company with over 35 year commitment to motion picture lighting - HMIs need electrical ballasts, which are separated from the head via a header cable, to limit current and supply the proper voltage. This is not included. Light only. 152 lbs. Place your bids today at!!!