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Phone: 602-875-7336
Address: 9034 N. 23rd Ave., Ste 13 is a family of brands who together make up over 15 companies that sell everything from vehicles and real estate to business and estate assets. is our flagship site, featuring every auction from every brand in one easy to use website. All of our sites use the same login and account information, so once you register with, you can bid on all auctions on every site. If you are mainly interested in a specific type of item, then be sure to bookmark the brand that specializes in those items. If you like a variety of things to bid on, then be sure to bookmark  Visit the home page to see what all of our brands have to offer!

Local Liquidators' knowledge and expertise in buying and selling assets are second to none. From small estate sales to multi million dollar facility closures, our team know's what we are doing.


We start every project with a blank slate because no two sales are identical. Every client has a different situation that must be looked at as a whole. When you call a company to try to help you, that is exactly what they are supposed to! Instead most companies just tell you what they are willing and unwilling to do and you must adhere to it. In our opinion, that is garbage.


Imagine paying $10k in rent for another month just to store about $5k worth of stuff. Imagine sitting on $4M worth of old inventory that has accumulated over the past 10 years. Imagine going into the attic of your grandparents home and finding untouched mint condition records. These are all scenarios that our clients have been in when they called us.


We absolutely love helping our clients achieve their goals and seeing the look on their faces when we did something for them that they didn't think was possible. That is why we get up in the mornings and do what we do. 


We hope that you enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy the job and in the end, we all make a little money!



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