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HUGE Collection: Vintage & Series CD's, DVDs & Vinyl Records. MANY unopened.

Auction on 03/04/2024 @ 7:30 PM EST
Auction Type: online


·       Say It Loud! A Celebration Of Black Music In America BRAND NEW 6 CD SET W/BOOK

·       The Big Bang Of Jazz

·       Johnny Cash Vinyl Records. UNOPENED.

·       1940s CD Lot

·       Vintage 1950-1990s CD Collection

·       1990s CD Collection

·       1970s-1990s Vintage CD Collection

·       Vintage CD Collection: Early 2000s

·       Vintage 1960s CD Collection: Buck Clayton

·       Vintage 1970s CD Collection: Bill Evans

·       Vintage CD 1990s: Johnny Varro

·       Large 1970-1980s CD Collection

·       Large Jazz CD Collection: Vintage

·       Savoy Jazz Collection: Vintage

·       Vintage CD Collection: Billy Taylor

·       New Jazz Vintage CD Collection

·       Living Stereo Jazz CD Collection

·       Blues/Jazz Vintage CD Collection

·       Neil Young CD Box Set Vintage

·       Storyville Retro CD Collection

·       Retro DVDs: Music/Comedy/TV - 21 DVDs!

·       Vintage DVDs/Discs Jazz/Music - 23 DVDs Discs!

·       Jazz Heavy CD Collection Including Bunky Green

·       Vintage CD Sets Jazz/Country - 6 Sets

·       CD Collection Including Betty Carter, Nancy Wilson, Africana And More

·       Vintage CD Collection Including Dinah Washington

·       Vintage Jazz CD Lot Including Charlie Parker

·       Variety CD Collection Including Jimmy Heath

·       Vintage CD Set Including Freddie Redd

·       Vintage Jazz CD Lot Including Teddy Wilson

·       Vintage CD Lot Including Frank Morgan

·       Vintage CD Collection Including Charlie Christian – Unopened

·       Vintage CD Lot Including Eric Anderson

·       CD Lot Including Doug Raney

·       Vintage DVD Set Including Steve Goodman

·       Vintage DVD Lot Including Johnny Cash

·       Vinyl Record Set Including Jackie Gleason

·       Vintage Vinyl Records Collection Including Ray Conniff

·       Vintage CD Lot Including Chris Connor

·       Vintage CD Lot Including Ralph Sutton. Majority Unopened.

·       Roots Of Rhythm CD Lot