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Ditch Witch Directional Drill With Trailer and 250 Gallon Tank

Auction on 11/15/2021 @ 8:00 PM EST
Auction Type: online


Tis the Season for a DITCH WITCH!! 🎃🎃🎃 This is the complete setup for directional drilling, Ditch Witch JT520 directional drill, Trailer, and 250 gallon tank!! This item is HOT HOT HOT and guaranteed to go for pennies on the dollar of retail price!! The Ditch Witch was designed to dig small trenches. There have been machines such as steam shovels and wheel trenchers available for more than a century to dig big trenches, but such machines are unsuitable for small trenches such as the ones used to carry water, power and telephone lines. The capabilities of these machines are practically endless! Almost like Magic ✨🎇✨. Call 816-859-0349 with any questions!! To place your bids on this awesome machinery, visit!!!