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(Shipping Only) Classic Comics Collection- Rare! Collectibles, Autographs - Flat Rate Shipping $5

Auction on 09/20/2021 @ 8:00 PM EST
Auction Type: online


Spectre! 1968 DC Comics (Very Rare!!!)

Strange Tales 1963, Great Condition (very Rare!!!)

Time Masters 1963, DC Comics, Great Condition (very Rare!!!)  

War Of The Worlds 1973, Marvel Comics, Great Condition (very Rare!!!)

House Of Secrets 1971, DC Comics (Very Rare)

1996 Centennial Collection Olympic Games Pin-Cards

Collection Of 5 DC Comic Books, Incl. ARION, ACTION Comics Weekly, And Teen Titans

Fantastic Collection Of MARVEL Comic Books, Incl. GENERATION X ½, Cert Of Authenticity

Collection Of Awesome Comic Books, Incl. DEATHMATE, CHAOS!, And EPIC

1981 Comic Price Guide

Spiderman (30th Anniversary Special) 1992

Richie Rich Money World, 1974    

Cliffhanger: Danger Girl (98-99)

Epic Comics: Trouble With Girls, Coyote, Moonshadow  

Daredevil 84, Dark Water 91, Crimson 90, Deathwatch 93 Comics

Valiant: Eternal Enemy, Future Force, H.A.R.D Corps, Harbinger 1993

Alternate Heroes, Ninja High School, John Bolton, Zero Patrol, (85-89)

DC Comics: Justice League, Mister Miracle, Arion (83-90)

Marvel Comics: The Punisher, X-Force, Deathlok (90-94)

Marvel Comics: Fantastic Four (1974, 1976, 1979, 1990) D

Star Wars Marvel Comic, 1978 Shadow Of A Dark Lord

Iron Man 30th Anniversary Issue! 1993

X-men (the Early Years) 1994 Marvel Comics

DC Comics: Sovereign Seven, The Question (88-95)

Dark Horse Comics: Out Of The Vortex (93-94)    

DC, Kid Eternity, Arion 1982, Hardcore Station, 93-96     

Marvel Comics: A-team 1982, Jack Of Hearts, Battle Tide, Hokum & hex, 82-93

Marvel Comics: Daredevil, Warriors, Micronauts 1981, Hokum & hex 1993

Marvel Comics: Daredevil 1999, 1993, Micronauts 1980

Marvel Comics: Generation X, Thunderbolts, Mutant X (98-01)  

Marvel Comics: Hells Angel, Deaths Head, Morbius (92-93)

Marvel Comics: Jack Of Hearts (#2/4 In Limited Series 84), Thunderbolts, Daredevil,

Valiant: H.A.R.D Corps 1992

Mirage: Dino Island 1993

Eternal Enemy, Future Force, Death Mate (92-93)          

1996 Centennial Collection Olympic Games Pin-Card (Part Of Collection)

Marvel Comics Including Nomad (with Captain American)

Ghost Rider Spirits Of Vengeance, Bishop The Last X-men

1987 MARVEL Comic Kickers, 1985 MARVEL The Eternals, Fleektra MARVEL2001/2002.

The Incredible Hulk 1971, Alpha Flight 1991, Arana The Heart Of The Spider 2005

Alpha Flight 2004, MARVEL!

Dead Bolt Metal Signs (2). Taylor Williams 

Epic Comics: Law Dog, Untamed, Feud (1993)

DC Vertigo: Transmetropolitan, Egypt, Shade, (93-99)

Captain Paragon 84, Break Thru 93, Extreme 94, Double Impact

Quality Comics: Rogue Trooper, Spellbinders 1986. The Griffin, Full Bleed PITT (91-95)

Avengers West Coast 1993, Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics: Marvel Age, Alpha Fight, Nomad, Micronauts (83-92)   

DC Comics: Unexpected 1980, Green Lantern 1992, Action Comics Weekly 89

X-Force 1992 With Card, Marvel Comics

Chaos Comics: United 1992 With Certificate Of Authenticity

Dr. Strange 1989, 1990 Marvel Comics    

DC Vertigo Comics: Kid Eternity, Swamp Thing, Transmetropolitan (93-99)

Autograph Photo Of Julia Roberts! Blue Ink, 8x10 Photo In Matte Frame

Autograph Photos, 8x10 In Matte Frame. Incl. Phyllis Diller, Robert Goulet, Billy Crystal!

Autograph Photos, 8x10 In Matte Frame. Incl. Matt Dillon!

Autograph Photos, 8x10 In Matte Frame. Incl. Maurice Chevalier And Sally Rand

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