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Acoustic Aqua Therapy Bed Auction

Auction on 09/20/2020 @ 8:00 PM EST
Auction Type: online


😒 Are you constantly in pain? Would you like to Increase Strength, Coordination, Flexibility, Bone Density and Accelerate Wound Repair? The Acoustic Aqua Therapy Bed is without a question, the most comfortable acoustic aqua therapy table available. A motorized table with a custom designed heated aqua massage mattress that is built on top of an acoustic vibration panel comprised of 3 powerful transducers. Acoustic Vibration Stimulation that is delivered through water relieves pain, increases bone density and improves metabolism among many other benefits. The Acoustic Aqua Therapy Bed can work wonders with pain. Often chronic pain that has lasted years and defied all forms of treatment can be relieved in minutes with Acoustic Vibration Stimulation (AVS). The nerves for the perception of pain (nocioception) and posture (proprioception) share the same pathways. By stimulating the proprioceptive pathways, the Acoustic Aqua Bed helps to suppress the transmission of pain. The generation of endorphins created by Acoustic Vibration also helps decrease the perception of pain. Increasing circulation and forcing the relaxation of tight muscles also address the underlying causes of pain. Some of the Benefits of the Acoustic Aqua Bed: Decrease pain increase bone density, accelerate wound repair, move lymphatic fluids, increase strength, increase coordination, accelerate detoxification, stimulate nerve growth, stimulate release of growth hormones, lower cortisol, improve metabolism, increase flexibility and generate endorphins. What are you waiting for? ⏰ Get your life back! Pace your bids today, before it's too late!😊