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Have you been searching for best vehicles impounded by Police at low costs? Auction List, the leading auction directory, brings numerous police auctions in Nevada in one place. These vehicles were seized due to various reasons. It may be payment default, evidence not required etc. Find the desired car instantly and place a bid.

Choosing the Best Vehicles

View the images to get a look and feel of the vehicle. Read the description to find about the detail of the car and its condition details. If there is a preview available, don’t miss the opportunity to see the vehicle in person. Have questions? Ask the seller!

How Much Should You Pay?

In these auctions, you need to place the bid. First, decide on a budget and then place the bid. If the price rises due to better bids, revise your bid upwards until the prices are within budget. Other costs, e.g. shipping and deposits, add up to the final expenses. Need help? Talk to the experts!

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