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Auction List is the largest online auction business in Northern America. We offer a huge range of antique and vintage musical instruments and gear direct from genuine owners or sellers. If you are a true music lover and willing to purchase vintage musical instruments at great prices, simply join our musical instruments & gear auctions in Massachusetts.

For buyers

We offer our buyers great value and convenience. We have the widest range of quality products, including guitars, pianos, violins, bassoons, mandolin, harps, citterns, clarinet, and much more. By participating in our vintage musical instruments auctions in Massachusetts, you can easily bid and grab the best deals on your favorite items.

For sellers

We offer our sellers an efficient online platform to unlock value from their assets. We have helped thousands of sellers by connecting them to the right buyers for their antiques.
Our online auction platform and commitment to first-class customer service allow you to trust us for your next selling or purchasing needs. Get in touch with us anytime.

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