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For those who like militaria collectables like uniforms, medals, and firearms online militaria auction AZ is the best place. With the expertise from Auction List, you can get these items in one place and that too at reasonable prices. So how do you go about it?

Focus on Specialization

Whether you are interested in a particular artefact such as medals or firearms, you should first try to gain knowledge about the collectables that you are seeking. A little homework can be very useful in saving money.


They are the most popular militaria, and medal collectors focus on collecting the only the medals. Higher priced medals are the ones which can be linked to the soldiers receiving it.


Daggers, swords, and guns are all popular collectibles, and some become valuable as well. Swords can increase in value depending on what collectors in the Arizona militaria auctions online are willing to pay. Take your time in researching these pieces.


When you are considering a uniform, the insignia and the accessories can determine its value. Take time to research the insignias to make sure that the uniform price can be known. WW-II paratrooper’s jacket with patches may sell for more in militaria auctions online Arizona.

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