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UltraShape Power VelaShape III Body Shaping Equipm

Auction on 09/29/2020 @ 8:00 PM EST
Auction Type: online


😮 Body Shaping is Booming! Here's the proven way to bring it to more patients in your facility! UltraShape Power is a complete solution for non-invasive body shaping. Clinically proven in more than 350,000 treatments worldwide, it delivers unsurpassed fat destruction results – quickly, safely and comfortably. With no thermal effect, treatments are painless, surrounding tissue, nerves and blood vessels are unharmed, and there are no visible signs of treatment. Treatments can be customized for each patient, with no applicator-imposed restrictions on treatment size or body shape. Comes with: partial box of KT75841 UtraShape drapes set, KT77641 UltraShape Drape Set, (2 with one New In Box) Syneron Candela FG71531 U-Sculpt Power Transducer Ultrashape Multi-hand Piece ($1,500.00 Retail), and two Aquasonic Hypoallergenic UltraSound Gels. Also Includes an Additional 78 Focal Treatment Zones! That's a total of $6,950.00 in treatments! 15X18X43, 120V, On Wheels and Password Included. Paid: $52,162.00. Here is your chance to draw in a broad range of new clientele! Get your bids in today before you miss out on the investment of a lifetime! 😎